Prince Carl Philip, 36, and Princess Sofia, 31, who were married this summer on June 13, have been together for five years and are overjoyed to be starting a family. Princess Sofia is doing well and the birth is estimated for April of next year, just one month after the birth of Crown Princess Victoria's second child.

This royal baby will alter the succession of the Swedish throne. He or she will become fifth in line for the throne after Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Estelle, Victoria’s second child due in March, and father Prince Carl Philip.


When Prince Carl Philip and Crown Princess Victoria both have children next year, Princess Madeleine and her children get further away from the throne. The reason is simply that the crown princess and the prince are older than Madeleine. "Older siblings and older siblings’ descendants have precedence over younger siblings and younger siblings' descendants," says the Order of Succession.

Succession to the Swedish throne is the oldest existing law. It remains controversial and is a recurring topic of debate; while parliamentary bills are occasionally presented to abolish the monarchy, the Bernadotte dynasty is growing fast .