The largest rescue operation by the Swedish Coast Guard has them currently en route to Italy. On July 27, the Coast Guard vessel Poseidon Gothenburg was commissioned to rescue migrants off the Libyan coast, where many people in dinghies, small and rubber boats have recently been found trying to get from Africa to Europe. Poseiden encountered a small, open wood boat heavily loaded with people, including many children and women - two of whom are 8 months pregnant. Crew transported 353 of them to a boat with doctors without borders on board, then returned to rescue another 312 migrants. Thatís a total of 665 rescued migrants now en route to southern Italy, which they hope to reach on July 29. To date, Poseidon, whose mission is to save the lives of migrants trying to get to Europe, has participated in 12 water rescues and brought 3539 persons to safety. The crew consists of 17 Swedish Coast Guard members, six Swedish police officers and an Italian liaison officer.