A new ferry service in Stockholm just made life easier
This summer, Waxholmsbolaget is introducing a new boat service that is bound to make travel in Stockholm's archipelago a lot easier. The Nord/Sydlinjen (literally "north/south line") travels 70 nautical miles of the Stockholm archipelago with about 20 stops along the way, including services of tourist information, groceries and markets, a guest house, café and restaurant and camp ground. Nord/Sydlinjen will run daily from June 15 to August 16, with the same ticket system for all Waxholmsbolaget services — buy a 5- or 30-day travelcard and travel as much as you like to explore the archipelago thoroughly.

U.S. paratroopers stationed off Swedish coast
U.S. Army paratroopers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade loaded themselves and their gear aboard the H.M.S. Ocean, a British Royal Navy Amphibious Helicopter Carrier stationed off the Baltic coast of southern Sweden on June 9. Baltic Operations (BALTOPS) is an annually recurring multinational exercise designed to enhance flexibility and interoperability, as well as demonstrate resolve of allied and partner forces to defend the Baltic region. Bigger than ever with about 49 ships, 69 aircraft and a submarine, the 2015 naval exercise is bringing the U.S. Navy and its European friends and allies to a Nordic-Baltic region that is tense in the wake of the Ukraine crisis. Sweden's ability to defend itself should Russia increase military activity in the Baltic remains in question, in part because the Swedish army has been reduced by 90 percent over the past few decades (from around half a million to about 50,000 troops); and though Sweden's centre-left government announced in May a new 10.2 billion kronor ($111.9 million) defense deal designed to increase the country's capabilities, the budget is still lower than that of other Nordic countries.


American band gets surprise in Sweden
The Seattle-based band Foo Fighters had an unexpectedly memorable performance when they headlined a show in Gothenburg, Sweden on June 12. Just two songs into the band's set, 46-year-old singer Dave Grohl fell while performing the band's 1997 hit “Monkey Wrench.” Videos posted on social media showed Grohl walking across the stage when he appeared to trip and fall. From the floor, with microphone in hand, he announced — surprising even his fellow band members — that he thought he may have broken his leg and should go to the hospital, but he promised he would return. And sure enough, in less than an hour Grohl returned to the stage with a cast on his leg. “I may not be able to walk or run, but I can still play guitar and scream," he announced.