We know just about everything there is to know about all the wedding festivities ... except for a few key things we can hardly wait for: whether Princess Estelle will steal the show as a ring bearer, what delicious cuisine will be served at the reception, and "who Sofia will wear." There are many rumors about what the bride will be wearing when her groom — and the whole world — sees her for the first time on her wedding day. But many watchers think it’s likely to be a Swedish designer, since Sofia has favored them at other auspicious events, including Princess Madeleine’s wedding and for her first appearance at the Nobel Prize dinner last year. She is not obliged to wear a Swedish label, however, and some voices suggested she choose Valentino who also designed the wedding dress of Princess Madeleine.

And will she don a Swedish crown of the royal family or a new tiara? She could also opt for a jewel in her hair. There is speculation that she might wear Princess Lilian's laurel wreath tiara, which she actually left to Victoria, but maybe the future sister-in-law is lending “something borrowed” for good luck. It would have special meaning, too, since the newlyweds will live in the house where the beloved aunt and uncle, Princess Lilian and her husband Prince Bertil, lived.


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