Here in Sweden, everyone gets very excited about the midsummer holiday, but it always leaves me feeling a bit melancholy. Despite all the parties and the gorgeous summer weather, it never fails to remind me that the days will once again be getting shorter and soon winter will be upon us.

Easter, however, is a holiday I can get behind. For this holiday, we decorate with witches, new spring flowers and pastel colors, and all the Swedes come out of hibernation. There is enthusiasm in the air and it’s a much friendlier, happier celebration. I also know we still have many days to count before the dark winter comes back.

One of my favorite shops in Gothenburg is Dimoda in Nordstan. Every holiday Dimoda bursts with decoration. The staff does a gorgeous job of displaying and creating beautiful visual finery for us to purchase … it’s absolutely inspiring. On any given day, no matter the time of year, I can step inside Dimoda and know I will see something which makes me happy.

Wishing you a happy Easter season — I bring you a bit of decoration from Gothenburg, Sweden. Glad Påsk!
Lisa Mikulski