A stormy namesake for Alexander
Alexander is having a terrible no good very bad day. Like the popular book and movie of the same name, the storm hitting Sweden in time to upset Lucia festivities will be something to remember. Dubbed Alexander, the winter storm is bearing down on Sweden on Alexander’s name day, Dec. 12. On Friday afternoon, residents in southern Sweden were warned of wind gusts up to 55 miles per hour. Initially forecasted to be of hurricane strength (reaching at least 80 miles an hour), the worst winds were likely to reach the Danish island of Bornholm, with Sweden’s east coast and south getting lower winds speeds — but still enough to whip up the water levels in coastal towns, where authorities have put up container walls to prevent harbor flooding. Road closures, train schedule changes and shut downs were anticipated from 3 p.m. Friday through Saturday as the winter storm moves through Småland.