Mushrooms are popping up all over Sweden, making for an incredible harvest this year. It's particularly good for the Karl-Johan variety of mushroom, which is setting records in the country's forests.

"We have never had such fine mushrooms, and it's exceptionally good for the Karl-Johan throughout the country," says Pelle Holmberg, biologist and mushroom expert.


After the hot, dry summer, one might think the fungi wouldn't amount to much. But the August rains make for perfect weather. In fact, Holmberg says it’s the best year for mushroom picking he’s ever seen. There are many chanterelles, cream and soup varieties — perfect pairings for many foods. Most mushrooms can be found among trees, especially birch, pine and spruce. Even paths are good growing grounds for chanterelles, for example.

Sweden’s “Allemansrätten” policy, or "every man's right," allows anyone to walk freely in nature, making it possible even for city dwellers to drive into the country, stop on the side of the road and pick mushrooms for themselves; it’s a common activity for all ages at this time of year. And this is just the beginning of mushroom season. September is the highlight of the year, and has been gaining interest in recent years among the younger generation.