Another member of the Poehler family is coming to U.S. network television and he’s bringing a whole lot of crayfish, aquavit and plain old swedishness with him.
Greg Poehler, younger brother of comedienne Amy Poehler, stars in the new sitcom "Welcome to Sweden," a classic fish out of water tale with a Nordic twist that debuts on NBC July 10 at 9 p.m. EST/8 CST.
We interviewed Greg for Nordstjernan, issue 13. (Some of you may have already taken a sneak peek of season 1 at — full programs are now closed for viewing in North America).
There are ample opportunities in Swedish America to enjoy your own crayfish party — first in San Francisco, with SACC SF/SV on Aug 8, then in Atlanta, with the Nordic Lodge. (See Nordstjernan Events for details and regular updates!)
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