Sleep issues — worst for women
More than one in ten Swedish adults suffer from sleep problems they believe negatively affect their well-being and ability to function. Among women in the 40-59 age group, every fifth person says it is a problem. This according to Upsala Nya tidning, which refers to a study at Uppsala University and the Karolinska Institute. More than 1,100 people were included in the study that will be published in the scientific journal Sleep Disorders. Twenty percent of the participants said they experienced sleep problems several times a week.

The Swede with 63 names
Remember the story of Tikki Tikki Tembo, the boy who fell into a well and nearly drowned because of his elaborate names? Meet Papa Long Nameh, who might be Tikki Tikki Tembo’s superior! Papa Long Nameh is a 25-year-old Stockholmer with many names. Three months ago he got tired of his previous name, Klaus-Heidi, which he had changed to in hopes of winning a competition arranged by a German airline (more on that at The man, who calls himself Papa Long Nameh for short, gave himself 63 new names (his full name is Dick Father Lovely Iron Man Even Unique Poh Un Winn Charlie Ghora Khaos Mehan Hansa Kimmy Humbero Uno Master Over Dance Shake Bouti Bebop Rocksteady Shredder Kung Ulf Road House Gilgamesh Flap Guy Theo Arse Hole Im Yoda Funky Boy Slam Dunk Chuck Jorma Jukka Pekka Ryan Super Air Ooy Rusell Salvador Alfons Molgan Akta Papa Long Nameh) which all seem to have been picked rather randomly, but he maintains they are well thought out. “I was sitting down and wrote some really well chosen names that I believe fit me well. I wanted the world’s longest name,” he says. The combination Uno Master he says, is especially fitting as he is very good at playing Uno. Papa Long Nameh, who works as a plumber, says it is not unthinkable that he will try to fit all his names into his business name as well. “But you have to have a really long car to fit them all.” A few passport control men will surely raise an eyebrow or two when they look into his passport, but Papa Long Nameh says: “It says Kim-Jong and a whole bunch of letters in it, but not all of the names.” Stina Lilja, press officer at the Patent-och registreringsverket (the Swedish Patent and Registration Office), where you go if you want to make a name change, says the rules are stricter if you want to change your last name. “But you can have as many first names as you wish. There are no rules there.” Whether or not Papa Long Nameh is now the man with the longest name in the world, remains to be revealed.