This Sunday (along with May 26 if your mother resides in Sweden), don’t forget ”Mor” or ”Mamma” here or back in Sweden! It is Mother’s Day here on May 12, in Sweden ”Mors dag” is May 26.
Not a good day for Swedish merchants, which is a good thing, it's mostly about a little extra attention: Flowers and a drawing from the children, that's what remains of ”Mother’s Day” since it was introduced to Sweden in 1919. And a whole lot of love, obviously!

This according to Tora Wall, folk lore expert at Nordiska museet who explains ”It was fairly quickly picked up by Sweden back then (from the USA when the day was 'invented' in 1908). Mothers were celebrated in those days. But what was then and what still mostly is, are the flowers and that the children make something for their mom, like a drawing.”


In a little brochure titled ”Mors dag”, which was handed out in 1920, there are instructions for how to celebrate the day:
Raise the flag. The Swedish flag is hoisted from the home.
Sing. Mother is to be greeted in the morning by her children, singing.
Honor. As much as possible, let mom have a day off from household duties, give her peace and freedom.
Celebrate. At afternoon coffee, have a little celebration, where father is involved as well.