There are big differences between social groups in Sweden, but they all even out when you look at how many children from the various groups attend preschool. However, that’s not the case in the southern city of Malmö.

In Rosengård, a Malmö neighborhood, more than 20%, one out of five children born in 2011 have not been registered at a preschool, while the equivalent number in Limhamn is 4.2 percent, in the inner city it is close to 14 percent, and in Husie (another part of Malmö) it is 1.7 percent, according to Sydsvenskan. In the areas where most students leave school without passing grades, most have missed preschool. Why so many parents choose to opt out of preschool is something Malmö now wants to get to the bottom of, and they will do so by handing out surveys.