In Sweden, one in every three young people aged 16-25 has been the victim of online hate crimes, according to a new report. They’ve been harassed because of skin color, sexual orientation or faith.
Gender researcher Anneli Häyren Weinestål at Uppsala University believes that since the haters are anonymous online, it's easier to commit crimes.

"A person who attacks someone gay in the street will be arrested, but online you can get away with it,” she says. The report from Ungdomsstyrelsen (the Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs), shows that 77 percent of women believe hate crimes are serious or very serious, while only 49 percent of men do.
”Girls are trained to express vulnerability, while boys are trained to repress it,” says Häyren Weinestål. Through a campaign, the report and education, Ungdomsstyrelsen hopes to shed some light on the problem. ”We need to become more aware, both young and adults, and we need to do something about what we see today. We don’t react strongly enough today, since we’ve gotten used to what’s happening,” says Alice Bah Kuhnke, director general at Ungdomsstyrelsen.


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