It’s April Fool’s and what practical jokes did the Swedes meet with today? Dagens Nyheter took a look at some of the other dailies in the country:
Dagens Industri wrote that the Technology Academy had made a quick investigation and found that daylight savings time is too much removed from the body’s circadian rhythm. This means that starting this fall we will ge to sleep three entire hours extra when we turn the clocks back.
Värmland's Folkblad reports that Hells Angels bought Karlstad town hall. The biker gang made an ingenious maneuver involving Norwegian front companies and thus got the building. The plan is now to have the place house Nordic members of Hells Angels. The facade will be painted in black, red, and white, and the roof will be adorned by a 26 by 49 feet long winged skull, according to the daily’s sources.
Send your boat to a fish spa! According to the website Livet ombord (Life Onboard), it’s the hottest trend in America where Joe Bixbaum at the Hallmark's boat wash in Miami says it takes about an hour to make the hull on a mid-sized boat squeaky clean. ”The boat is placed in a mobile dock where a fish called ”spinnmal” ("Spinning catfish") swim around. The natural food of this fish species is barnacles and seaweed, and they will also nibble on the hull the same way they do sea cliffs.
Jönköpings-Posten informs us that the municipality plan a huge anti-dog turd campaign. To get rid of the problem with dog owners who refuse to clean up after their dogs, the municipality will now DNA register all dogs. The dog owners will them leave a poop sample, and once a turd is detected the perpetrator will be easily tracked through a DNA search.
The very aggressive ”snake head fish” has invaded the point of Klagshamn, outside of Malmö. The snakelike fish belong to the fresh water of Africa and Asia, but has now found its way to southern Sweden. The fish breathes air for four days, and goes hunting for food on land, reports Skånska Dagbladet.
Building bridges between Zlatan and Guillou. Västerbotten County Administrative Board has invited several well-known hunters for the first hunt ever on the white-tailed deer. Among the hunters are soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic and author Jan Guillou. ”Jan has criticized Zlatan before and said that he doesn’t know anything about hunting. Now we hope to build bridges this way between them,” says Governmor Magdalena Andersson to the magazine Svensk Jakt (Swedish Hunting).
Pope Francis is coming to Sweden! The paper Signum, reports that the editorial staff was contacted early in the morning by the leader of the Catholic Church. The pope announced that he plans to visit Sweden already next month, and would love to discuss hunting and wildlife management with King Carl XVI Gustaf. He also wonders if there are tickets left for the Hammarby/Husqvarna soccer match on May the 12th, the paper adds.