Statistics Sweden released information about marriages and divorces in Sweden, and it shows that people in Kalmar stay married the longest, with the average marriage lasting 31.4 years. Divorces in Sweden, however, are somewhat higher than they were in the last decade.

”It was a fairly expected result, hindsight being 20/20,” says Linus Johansson at Statistics Sweden. Compared to other years, there are no longer any ”magic dates” — people used to get married 11-11-11 or 12-12-12, but that’s no longer the case. The average duration of the dissolved marriages is the same as last year, and that’s mostly due to one of the partners dying.
”It’s been relatively stable when it comes to divorces, even though there’s been a few more it’s nothing notable,” says Johansson. After Kalmar, the longest marriages can be found in Västerbotten County, where a marriage lasts an average of 30.2 years. Family therapist Torleif Hoas said to Swedish Radio Kalmar that he believes the lasting marriages in Kalmar are due to the number of farmers there: ”The joint work is an incredibly unifying factor.”
A quick look at Statistics Sweden’s information shows that in Stockholm County there were 12,179 weddings last year and 6,940 divorces, in Västra Götaland County (covering Göteborg) there were 7,682 weddings and 4,235 divorces, in Skåne County (which covers Malmö) 6,074 weddings and 3,578 divorces.


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