Congratulations to the people in Halland! Of all Swedes, they live the longest. According to fresh figures from Statistics Sweden, a girl born here is expected to live to be 84.5 years old, a boy 80.6 years.

”We’ve long seen that there are major differences in the parts of the country where people live the longest and where they live the shortest. Halland has during quite some time now, been the county with the longest average lives in Sweden,” says Linus Johansson, investigator at Statistics Sweden. The lists show women’s and men’s expected average length of lives from the birth years 2009-2013.
Apart from Halland, inhabitants of Jönköping, Kronoberg and Stockholm are also expected to live long lives. According to Örjan Hemström, demographer at Statistics Sweden, the main factor for a long life is the educational level.


”But it may also include that you have other life habits and are more healthy. Smoking, alcohol consumption and diet are also factors. It has been shown previously that the number of cardiovascular diseases are fewer in Halland,” he says. What you are exposed to in your professional life may also affect your life expectancy. In the past, bigger cities have not been listed in the top, but that has changed, and now Stockholm is a county where the average life expectancy is among the highest. ”It may in turn have to do with bigger cities mostly recruiting people with higher educations,” says Hemström. The statistics also show that the average life expectancy in men for the first time exceeded 80 years. Newborn boys are expected to have somewhat shorter lives than newborn girls, and the boys who live the longest are those in Uppsala County and in Halland. The average life expectancy for the country as a whole is 83.5 for women, and 79.7 for men.