The first Swedish ”nypotatis”, new potatoes, were sold to Menigo, a restaurant wholesaler. The potatoes were harvested on February 28, record early according to, by Johan Sandgren in a greenhouse outside Höganäs. The potatoes cost 350 SEK ($55) per kilo (1 kilo equals 2.2 pounds so, roughly $120/lb), of the Rocket sort, and were put in the ground the day before Christmas and are still with the wholesaler.

”We took them home just because we wanted to be the first ones, a little bit like with lobster,” says Menigo’s Henrik Englund. However, Johan Sandgren gave away six kilos of the potatoes, along with dill, ”gräddfil” (a sort of sour cream), herring, and schnapps to Kastanjegården, a short-term accommodation place, for people who need care and attention for a limited time.