'Move home or resign!'
Harsh were the words historian Herman Lindqvist used, after the Swedish king announced the name and title of Princess Madeleine’s daughter (Princess Leonore Lilian Maria, Duchess of Gotland).
Lindqvist thinks Madeleine should either move back home to Sweden or resign (from her spot on the succession order).

”If Madeleine is serious and wants what’s best for her child, in Swedish history, then obviously she should move to Sweden, or resign immediately,” he said in Studio Ett on Swedish Radio. The last time Lindqvist got publicly upset about something royal, was when Crown Princess Victoria’s daughter’s name was announced – Estelle. Lindqvist thought it sounded like the name of ”..some night club queen.”
Now, however, he might actually have something to be upset about. The issue is whether or not little Leonore Lilian Maria shall need to be raised in Sweden in order to keep her title and her, fifth, spot, to the throne. Would being educated in a Swedish school abroad, for instance, do?


It is written in the constitution that any prince or princess in Sweden has to be raised in the faith of the Swedish Church and in the Kingdom of Sweden, so it may sound a little odd that the baby already has been given that title. It seems it is an issue that has yet to be solved. Meanwhile, Herman Lindqvist seemed a little bit less angry over the name Leonore. He said it reminded him of ”beautiful Swedish summer evenings” and ”Evert Taube”. But he added: ”They are beautiful Swedish names, but not very royal, but this girl won’t ever be the queen of Sweden, so it doesn’t much matter…”