Increase in organic food
The sales of organic food products in Sweden increased with 11-12% during 2013, according to Krav (a Swedish organization that develops and maintains regulations for ecological and sustainable agriculture). But the industry’s still struggling with an excessive amount of meat and too little fruit and veggies.

Stockholm to get second deepest subway station?
The Sofia subway station, on Södermalm, will be built very deep down. According to plans, it will be located 100 meters underground (that’s 328 feet), which would make it the second deepest subway station in the world (the deepest one is the Arsenalna subway station in Kiev, Ukraine). 100 meters is also three times as deep as the Kungsträdgården’s station, which today is the deepest subway station in Stockholm. For this kind of station 8-10 elevators with a capacity of holding 30 persons each, will be needed.


New jobs in Sweden
An average of 43,000 new jobs were created last year. Meanwhile, the number of unemployed people was 53,000, according to a review of the labor market in 2013, by Arbetsförmedlingen (the Swedish Public Employment Service).

Medal from the King
”Kungen är död”, the King is dead, the band Kent sang on their album Hagnesta Hill in 1999. Last night, Jocke Berg from that band, received a medal from King Carl XVI Gustaf (who is very much alive). Berg received the medal ”for outstanding contributions to popular Swedish music.” If you're curious about the song or the sound, sample it on youtube, here: Kent - Kungen är död The medal is known as the King’s medal, 8th in size in a blue ribbon. Berg wasn’t the only recipient of the medal, though, among the 25 beneficiaries are Archbishop Anders Wejryd, Managing Director of Dramaten Marie-Louise Ekman, actor Tomas von Brömssen, and opera singer Pers Anna Larsson.