Statistiska Centralbyrån (Statistics Sweden) shows that the two most popular baby names in Sweden in 2013 were Alice and Lucas.
Lucas took William off the throne, where the name reigned for two years. 903 girls born last year were named Alice, which for the third year in a row is the most popular girl’s name in Sweden.

After Alice comes Maja (767 girls were named Maja), followed by Elsa (766), Ella, Julia, Ebba, Alicia, Olivia, Alva and Wilma. Alice has been among the top ten of popular baby names since 2005. Maja has been on the list since 2003, and Elsa since 2008. Lucas (935 boys were given the name in 2013) was followed by William, Oscar, Oliver, Hugo, Charlie, Liam, Alexander, Axel and Elias.


"It it popular right now with fairly short names,” says Inge Göransson, investigator at Statistics Sweden. "And the same names have been on the top for some time now.” On the top 100 list of names, Louie and Tor are new contenders, while for girls Hilma, Ellinor, Sally, Melina and Nicole are new. ”Sometimes there are speculations that double-names are coming back. To a certain degree they are used as middle names, but that’s all. And they aren’t the same names as the ones that were popular in the 1930-1950s. They are not Lars-Göran and Britt-Marie any longer,” Göransson says. Locally the popularity of names differ slightly. In Stockholm the most popular names were Olivia and Oscar, on Gotland Alice and Elton, in Västerbotten Alva and Liam, and in Kalmar Elsa and Olle.