Volvos to China
China represents an ever growing part of the market for Volvo cars. Last year, 2013, more Volvo cars were sold in China than in Sweden, however the U.S. is still the largest market for the car brand. The American market represents 61,233 Volvo cars sold, while 61,146 were sold in China, and 52,260 in Sweden.

Stolen chocolate
A team hungry for chocolate is on the loose in Varberg, according to radio P4 Halland. Over 500 chocolate bars have been stolen from a store there over the past few days, to a value of nearly 10,000 SEK ($1,500).


Coincidence determines genes
It is pure coincidence that determines which of the two gene copies in each cell thatís active. The active gene can also vary from cell to cell, and vary during the lifetime of that cell as well, according to new research from the Karolinska Institute. This piece of news was presented in the journal Science, and explains, for instance, why identical twins do not necessarily look like each other, although they have the exact same set of genes. It also explains why symptoms of the same genetic disease can vary in severity from one individual to another.