Expensive Nordic capitals
This won't come as a major surprise if you've spent time in the Nordic countries recently.
Life in any of the Nordic capitals is the most expensive in the world according to a survey that the price comparison site Pricerunner has made. The costs for a grocery basket with 25 products was compared in 32 cities in the world. All prices were converted into Swedish currency. Here’s the list of the 10 most expensive cities and the average price of the products in the basket.
1. Oslo, 125.7%
2. Copenhagen 118%
3. Stockholm 117.8%
4. Helsinki 115.6%
5. Reykjavik 111.7%
6. Paris 110.9%
7. Amsterdam 108.4%
8. Rome 106.9%
9. Madrid 106.6% and
10.Sydney 104.4%.

The most expensive American city according to the list is New York, which comes in on 19th place at 99.6%. San Francisco came in on 25th least expensive.


See the entire study here: www.pricerunner.se/prisstudien2013.html