Nobel's 'Dirty Laundry'
The Nobel Prize banquet, held each December, produces mountains of dirty laundry, including some 1,500 linen napkins and 1,600 feet of superb tablecloths, many stained with everything from lipstick to spilled red wine to candle wax. The laundry from the prestigious event is always sent to a small, family-owned company called Arvika Tvätt in central Sweden. Owner Jan Rööse has plenty of time to complete the job, as the linens won’t be needed again until December 2014. But then, this isn’t your ordinary wash job, either.
“This is a handicraft. We spend a certain amount of time with every fabric. The napkins and the tablecloths have to be perfect,” he said. Arvika Tvätt works with Klässbol Linen Weavers, located half an hour south of Arvika, to ensure that every piece is flawless before returning to Stockholm.
Specializing in the care of fine linens has brought a number of other prominent customers to the company, including the Swedish Royal Family, several Nordic embassies, the speaker of the Swedish Parliament and the Sultan of Oman.

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