The Commitment to Development Index ranks 27 of the world’s richest countries on policies that affect the more than five billion people living in poorer nations.

The CDI measures a country’s performance in seven different areas: quantity and quality of foreign aid, openness to exports, policies that encourage investment and financial transparency, environmental policies, promotion of international security, and support for technology creation and transfer.


Topping the index is Denmark, with Sweden at a close second, followed by Norway and then Luxembourg. Denmark comes first because of its high aid quantity and quality, transparency in its financial sector and commitment to security in developing countries, and because it spends a significant portion of GDP on developing technologies. Sweden, Norway and Luxembourg are all top-ranked aid donors with strong migration records. The United States comes in at 19, scoring below average in all but the trade component. The index is put together by the Washington DC based Center for Global Development. For more info, see The Commitment to Development Index