Santa moves to Malmo
Anyone thinking of making a last second dash to the post office to mail a wish list to Santa might just want to turn to the Internet instead because the “real” Santa is there and he just happens to live in Sweden.
“Tomtefar Bosse Persson” has a website at which adults and children alike can find their Christmas spirit by sending off a wish list to Persson, who makes Malmo, rather than the North Pole, his home.
Click on his site and get the welcome message: “Hi and very welcome to the real Santa Claus. Perhaps you didn’t know that I'm living in Malmo, Sweden.” Although Santa Persson gives no reason for his move from the North Pole to Sweden, he certainly looks happy in his news digs. Persson appears in two photographs on his site, complete with tomten hat and garb.
The jolly old Swedish elf took great pains in making sure anyone sending him a wish list did so with a sense of honesty. Persson provides ready answers, almost in a “Mad Lib” format. He gives users three choices for whether they believe in Santa: Yes, No and I don't know. Don't forget that if there is no Santa there are no Christmas presents.
Santa, in true form, also wants to know how everyone has behaved during the year, giving choices of “Nice,” "Not so very nice” and “A little noisy.” He allows Christmas wishers to fill in the name of their "best pal” as well as the main wish he or she has for the yuletide.
The questions get a little less Christmas-y as he also wants to know what color your mother prefers on her dish brush and gives a few ideas for gifts for dads: “Drill, Steam Engine, A new mother, A new car” or “A new wife.”
Of course, Santa Persson makes sure to give everyone ample space to ask questions, make wishes or generally comment. The only real question now is whether Santa has outsourced his workshop or if he still employs elves?