The Swedish people give their government a failing grade. In the latest survey by Skop, fewer than 50 percent now think the government is doing a good job. This is the worst grade the government has received since September 2008.

”The faith in the various government options is today completely different than it was before the 2010 election,” says Birgitta Hultåker, an analyst at Skop. Compared to the last survey earlier this fall, the number of people who think the government has done a good or quite good job, has gone from 50 to 47 percent.
Meanwhile there’s an increased confidence in a red-green government alternative. More than 43 percent believe that a red-green government would do a better job, an increase from 36 percent in September.
Over a thousand people were interviewed from October 14 to November 4.


The government's approval ratings may be down but its representatives remain among the more powerful according to Fokus: Sweden's most powerful