Out of ideas for what to buy your special someone? Then perhaps take a hint from Sweden, where, according to HUI Research, this year’s Christmas bestseller will be the centrifugal juicer. HUI sees a growing interest in food, and restaurants as well as grocery stores are doing very well in Sweden. According to HUI, the centrifugal juicer mirrors the do-it-yourself trend in Sweden, where people like to bake their own bread, slow cook their food and make their own specialty coffees. It also takes into account the health trend, which has caused sold-out running races.

”It [The juicer] has become a wanted product, and the interest in it has increased during the last year,” says Carin Blom, analyst at HUI. A centrifugal juicer costs around 500 SEK ($76) and more, in Sweden. HUI foresees a conservative record in this year’s Christmas sales. Christmas shopping—the December retail sales—is expected to increase by 1.5 percent to 66 billion SEK ($10 billion), which is close to 7,000 SEK ($1,000) per person. This is the twenty-sixth time that HUI crowns the product expected to be the Christmas bestseller. Last year’s winner was headphones.


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