December 26 in Swedish History
1966: On December 26 in 1966, actor Per Oscarsson (1927-2010) causes a stir by undressing on the live TV-show ”Hylands hörna”. While undressing (he was dressed in many layers of clothes), Oscarsson talked about, among other things, the holocaust, immigration to Sweden, and he also explained to children the mystery of sex.

Hylands Hörna ("Hyland's corner") was presented by Lennart Hyland. The show started on the radio in 1961, then moved to television in 1962 and is, in percentage, one of the most watched programs in Sweden ever.. almost the entire population at the time gathered in front of TV sets. Broadcast between 1962 and 1983, it was the first talk show in Sweden. Some of the broadcast programs are available through Swedish Television's open archives here:örna/