Record births in Sweden
Last year, 11.9 babies were born per every 1,000 inhabitants in Sweden. This is the fourth highest birth rate in the European Union, and above the European Unionís average which is 10.4. The EU country with the highest birth rates per 1,000 inhabitant is Ireland (15.6), followed by the UK (12.8), France (12.6), and then Sweden (11.9). The population increase from 2004 to 2012 has mainly been attributed to immigration from Muslim countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. According to data collected in 2012, life expectancy at birth for the Swedish population is calculated as 81.18 years, with 78.86 years for males and 83.63 years for females. The number of live births has increased by .93 percent since 2012, as opposed to deaths which have decreased by 1.1 percent. Sweden was ranked at fourth place according to its life expectancy estimates by WHO (World Health Organization) in 2011, and at 14th place on the World Life Expectancy website.