November 3 in Swedish History
1963: the Beatles are featured on "Drop-In" a Swedish youth program on TV led by Kersti Adams-Ray and Kjell Eriksson. The program had been recorded on October 30, the same year, and The Beatles are on their first tour abroad, and first concerts outside the UK, since performing in Hamburg at the end of 1962. The five-day tour included concerts, their participation in the television show, and one recording to be broadcasted on radio. Why the four Liverpool musicians picked Sweden for their first tour is not clear. The group had played together with Swedish bands while in Hamburg and there were connections between recording and management profiles in the two countries' respective music industries. The amusement park Gröna Lund in Stockholm received an offer to feature the band for a week as early as spring 1963 but declined the SEK 15,000 fee (little over $2,000 in today's currency) because the group was unknown and the venture too risky...

Swedish singer Lill-Babs is another guest on the show, and at that time she is more famous than the band from Liverpool. Today, Lill-Babs remembers writing autographs for them. "There was nothing strange about that. I was famous then and really big in Germany, and they were completely unknown."