- it’s for everybody not just for survivalists and hardcore connoisseurs. Ask anyone who’s tried it and they will most likely agree: Hiking in what is generally considered Europe’s last wilderness is a unique adventure, an unforgettable experience and balm for the modern soul. Hiking in the mountainous region of Scandinavia’s north can be anything from a week’s expedition to a simple daily walk. The region in mid-Sweden is accessible from any of the major cities by night train or an hour and a half by air. The wilderness in Lapland will take a bit longer to get to, but once you’re smitten by the experience, getting there will be a breeze. Where to go and what to see: Hiking trails in Sweden
To hike is to discover and become part of vast expanses, dramatic mountain formations and fantastic views. And what’s best of all? After you’ve acquired the equipment everything else is free.
Getting started—Hiking is no more difficult than walking. Begin on easier trails with cabins so you don’t have to carry too much equipment. Gradually increase your packing as you gain experience. Most mountain stations offer guides and courses, both of which are a great help. Svenska Turistföreningen (The Swedish Tourist Association) has all the answers to your questions, whether they concern equipment or trails. Check out: www.svenskaturistforeningen.se