Daily yoga for blood pressure
One thousand people in Skåne with high blood pressure have been invited to take part in a large study on medicinal yoga as a treatment in primary care. It has been shown that one or several daily yoga exercises can help lower the blood pressure.

Starbucks to Sweden
The American coffee chain Starbucks is ready to pick up the fight for latte customers in Sweden, opening 50 coffee shops around the country. Espresso House and Wayne’s Coffee, two Swedish coffee chains, have expanded heavily in the past years but now they will have to buckle up. ”When we have opened a few coffee shops in Stockholm, we want to move on to other cities. It could be Göteborg, Malmö or Lund and smaller places also,” says director for Starbucks in Sweden Johan Rosenblom, to the magazine Fastighetsvärlden. Today Starbucks has about 21,000 coffee shops around the world. In Sweden, there are currently Starbucks at Arlanda Airport and at two train stations. Though the article in the magazine reports 50 Starbucks coffee shops are scheduled to open in Swedish cities, Rosenholm won’t confirm that. ”I don’t comment on numbers, but we plan for a powerful expansion and we expect to open the first (Starbucks) during 2014,” he says.


Fewer children die in accidents
Fewer children die in accidents in Sweden today, compared to 15 years ago, according to fresh numbers from Statistics Sweden. In 1998, 556 children died in accidents, whereas 438 died in accidents in 2012.

Tougher job requirements for immigrants
Newly arrived immigrants to Sweden must accept job offers if they want to keep their benefits. The government wants the law to be tightened July 1, 2014. ”It’s been a little strange that we haven’t been able to require that you take a job when offered. If you as a newly arrived immigrant haven’t attended Swedish lessons, then the benefits have been cut down, but not if you turn down a job,” says Erik Ullenhag, Sweden’s Minister for Integration.