In 2016, 7,000 hikers will be marching into Skåne. It is Svenska Turistföreningen (STF, the Swedish Tourist Association) together with Skåne that will host the event, Eurorando, in 2016.

The social event, which is held every five years, is expected to draw between 5,000 and 7,000 people from all over Europe. ”It’s very exciting that we, together with Skåne, get to host this event,” says Sylvia Nylin at STF to ”Svenska Turistföreningen is always working to support Sweden’s hiking trails and has just conducted a big future study that shows hiking as one of the great trends in traveling. But hiking is usually associated with mountains; now we can show that there’s amazing hiking possibilities in the south of Sweden also.”
The groundwork for the event will begin very soon. At first, some 50 routes will be chosen, among them trails on Skåneleden, which the participates will get to experience. The hub of the Eurorando 2016 will be located in Helsingborg, close to the Kullaleden, which has received international status through its Leading Quality Trail certification.


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