September 20 in Swedish History
1714: Russians attack Umeň and burns it down, to the ground, except for Stadskyrkan (the town church). Sweden had from the beginning of the 18th century, been at war with Russia, and during this attack the Swedish troops as well as the governor and general Anders Erik Ramsay, abandoned the city. The Russians also seized the trading ships in the harbor, along with their loads. Later, during the winter of 1718, Umeň was destroyed three times by the Russians.

"Bj÷rkarnas Stad" - the City of Birches, as Umeň is known in Sweden was Europe's Cultural Capital in 2014: Umeň 2014 - European Capital of Culture


Also on September 20, in 1881, one of the last arranged marriages in Swedish royal history: The Swedish Crown Prince marries Victoria of Baden