Swedes exercise more and more, and most of them do so for the health benefits, according to a new survey done by YouGov on behalf of Friskis och Svettis (http://web.friskissvettis.se, a Swedish organization that provides various forms of exercise).

This survey shows that 34% of Swedes exercise more than they did last year at the same time, 40% exercise just as much as they did last year, and 24% exercise less. Eight in ten say they exercise for health reasons, six in ten say they do it in order to have more energy, and a third say they exercise to have a better-looking physique.


”This confirms what we thought,” says Peter Wigert, Secretary General at Friskis och Svettis. ”People want to take responsibility for their well-being and they want to feel good. They are active and are looking for a good physique.” Nearly every other Swede between the ages 18 and 74, work out twice a week or more.

”There’s a clear trend in that people choose to do a more varied work-out. It is not just the traditional group training, but people try other kinds of work-outs and are curious.” At the same time, 27% say they don’t exercise at all. ”One thing that’s bothersome is that many feel pressure, thinking they have to work out a lot, that they have to perform, and make results of their work-outs,” says Wigert. Obviously that’s not the case, at all.
Photo: Thomas Carlgren Portrait photo: Alvreten

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Also, and not surprisingly, exercise and staying fit is related to education and income: More education equals healthier lifestyle