August 27 in Swedish History
1772: Torture is abolished in Sweden, through a royal letter from Gustav III. That torture existed in Sweden already during the time of Gustav Vasa (1496-1560), can be seen from the ”domarregler” (rules from the judge), attributed to Olaus Petri.

This also shows that there was abuse of torture. During the reign of Erik XIV (1560-1568), the use of torture was often frequented by the king’s committee. It was then banned by Karl XI (1655-1697), but still in use for some time. In Gustav III’s royal letter, it was decided that all places of torment and and all instruments of torture in the country be destroyed.


It should be noted that "Straffstocken" (the penalty stock where people could be locked seated for hours at end, often placed outside the local church) continued to be used as a means of punishment. Officially abolished in 1841. ..torture?