June 30 in Swedish History
1921: A new law regarding capital punishment in Sweden takes effect. Law 1921:288 abolishes capital punishment at peace times. The final execution in Sweden was in 1910 when Johan Alfred Ander was executed at the prison Långholmen in Stockholm for murder (See November 23, 1910 in Swedish history. Capital punishment at times of war was not abolished until a more recent law went into effect, in 1973.

1944: The Swedish Parliament approves a new law, "Hembiträdeslagen," to regulate the relationship between maids and their employers.


The law allowed maids a bit more freedom and live-in maids minimum housing requirements in accordance with prevalent health standards. Work had to be concluded no later than 7 p.m. unless agreed differently. (Not valid for child care personnel.) A free day every third Sunday and on May First after 1 p.m. + one decided upon free afternoon after 2 p.m. every week. The law was replaced by a new law in 1970.