How do you know summer has arrived? Well, for a Swede summer may truly arrive with the year’s first “sommarpratare”—the host of the radio program “Sommar.”

One of the most popular Swedish radio programs ever, “Sommar” (Summer) has been broadcast every summer on channel P1 since June 28, 1959 (before 1993, it aired on channel P3). The idea of the program came from Tage Danielsson, who was then the head of radio entertainment at Sveriges Radio, and producer Jörgen Cederberg, who was also the first host. In the early days of the program's history, the so-called “sommarvärdarna” (summer hosts) in “Sommar” were the DJ and presenters who returned many times in the first year.


Nowadays, the “Sommar” hosts hold personal shows and get to talk about anything and pick the music themselves. The hosts range from celebrities to politicians, scientists, authors and athletes. The tradition used to state that Lars Ulvenstam should be the last “Sommar” host every season, but that has changed. The program's theme, "Sommar, sommar, sommar" was composed in 1951 by Sten Carlberg, with lyrics by Eric Sandström.

This year’s roster of hosts looks like this:
22: Author Jonas Gardell;
23: Artist Maja Ivarsson;
24: comic book illustrator Liv Strömquist;
25: TV-host Lasse Kronér;
26: brain researcher Katarina Gospic;
27: DN editor-in-chief Peter Wolodarski;
28: singer Sarah Dawn Finer;
29: artist Carolina Gynning;
30: musician Kristian Gidlund.
01: dancer Virpi Pahkinen;
02: biologist Pelle Holmberg;
03: actress Helena af Sandeberg;
04: former program editor Peter Schéle;
05: journalist Annika Hagström;
06: journalist Filip Hammar;
07: author Mikael Niemi;
08: social entrepreneur Leo Razzak;
09: lecturer Sarita Skagnes;
10: New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist;
11: author Theodor Kallifatides;
12: pastor Louise Linder;
13: journalist Jenny Strömstedt;
14: France’s ambassador to Sweden Jean-Pierre Lacroix;
15: politician Ingemar Eliasson;
18: chef Tareq Taylor;
19: financial journalist Carolina Neurath;
20: comedian Anna Blomberg;
21: actor Ingvar Kjellson;
22: journalist Maria Sveland;
23: IT-entrepreneur Niklas Zennström;
24: stand-up comedian Özz Nûjen;
25: member of the Riksdag Anton Abele;
26: singer Ann-Louise Hanson;
27: university professor Lisbet Rausing;
28: soccer coach Lars Lagerbäck;
29: antiquities expert Li Pamp;
30: documentary filmmaker Malik Bendjelloul;
31: fashion entrepreneur Elin Kling.
01: music producer Nadir “Red One” Khayat;
02: sports journalist Johanna Frändén;
03: actress Inga Landgré;
04: diplomat Jan Eliasson;
05: hatmaker Malinda Damgaard;
06: artist Cecilia Edefalk;
07: businessman Daniel Sachs;
08: literary historian Sara Danius;
09: script writer Erik Haag;
10: reporter and photographer duo Schibbye/ Persson;
11: singer Lisa Nilsson;
12: opera singer Kerstin Meyer;
13: author Sami Said;
14: comedian Karin Adelsköld;
15: actress Ellen Jelinek;
16: journalist Katrine Kielos;
17: musician Joey Tempest;
18: musician duo Dixgård/Norén.

“Sommar” is broadcast on P1 daily between Midsummer’s Day and the middle of August at 1 p.m. Swedish time (7 a.m. EST), and repeated at 10:12 p.m. also Swedish time (10:05 p.m. on weekends).
The programs can be listened to or downloaded at the Swedish Radio's web page for 30 days after they have been broadcast. Since 2005, listeners have been subscribing to the program through a transmitted podcast.
If you spent one summer in Sweden you'll recognize the theme song: Sommar, sommar, sommar" by Sten Carlberg in the traditional recording from 1952 with the Åke Jelving orchestra

Go to Sommar i P1 to find out more, listen to earlier programs or to tune in later in the summer.