Swedes have liked to travel since the day of the Vikings. But what is it that makes traveling appealing in 2013? Travel agency Ving has looked at the reasons Swedes travel more and more, and here are the seven trends:

1. Vacation makes us happier, we get broader views, we satisfy our longing for the sun and today we have a better economy to do this. Especially those who are 65 and over.


2. We travel differently. Itís not only a vacation with the family, it can also be a trip with friends, or a combination where we both have vacation and work. New ways of living means new needs.

3. We demand personal service. And we donít want to wait for it Ė we want help right away. Either through a personal meeting or through text messages.

4. We want more luxury. The hotel, for instance, has become more important than the destination. It should be better than our home Ė a more luxurious bed, a bigger terrace, and someone who does the dishes and clean up after us. For instance, we want to be able to climb straight down into the pool from out own terrace, a so-called swim-out.

5. What we do is more important than where we go. We like to go to where others are going, but we want to bring with us home a unique and individual experience. Preferably with the family.

6. We want to become better people. We donít just want sun anymore, but we also want to exercise, learn new things, and practice different kinds of hobbies.

7. Charter is still an alternative. During 2012, more than 2.5 million Swedes traveled by charter.

There are also six types of travelers presented in the holiday report. The adventurer, who wants new experiences, the conservative all-inclusive traveler, the 55 plus traveler who makes his own travel plan, the traveler who prefers to buy a tailored package, and the family traveler whose plans very much revolve around the children, and lastly the traveler who prefers to just relax or engage in his or her hobby.

Destinations? It differs from winter to summer. Here are the most common over the last winter: Where Swedes vacation in the winter