Following the past days’ of turbulences in several Stockholm suburbs, the US is now advising its citizens in Sweden to avoid the areas affected by riots. The warning was issued via an e-mail to all American citizens registered at the U.S Embassy in Stockholm. Said spokesperson for the embassy, Jeff Anderson: “We informed all Americans citizens about the events in certain Stockholm suburbs in recent days.” In the message American citizens are advised to stay away from the affected areas. “It is recommended that American citizens avoid the areas where there are demonstrations as much as possible, and to always be careful,” Anderson added. According to him, the main purpose of the embassy is to inform American citizens of potential threats against their safety. He says that at the embassy the events are being followed via media as they develop, and that the information is passed along afterwards. He is not aware of any new warnings as for now. The issued warning concerns the following districts: Husby, Tensta, Kista, Rinkeby, and Fittja.
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