Sweden’s longest river
The river Klarälven flows through Norway and Sweden and is, together with Göta älv, not only Sweden’s but Scandinavia’s longest river (286 miles or 460 km). It emanates from Lake Rogen in Swedish Härjedalen, and passes through the Norwegian Hedmark, where it flows through the lake Femunden.
The rest of the river, which is also the longest part, flows through Värmland to ultimately discharge in a delta into Vänern at Karlstad. In its turn, Vänern then drains into Göta älv, reaching the sea at Göteborg. Throughout history, the river has provided significant economic benefits, providing a suitable transport route for log driving, and currently is internationally recognized as excellent sport fishing waters. In recent years, the sport fishing of Klarälven has gained an international recognition for its Atlantic salmon and brown trout fisheries; these two species of fish are sought after by fly fishers. Competition for use of areas rich in the popular species is vigorous, and at high season the price of fishing licenses may be as high as 500 SEK ($68 USD) per day.

The Mississippi River rises in northern Minnesota and meanders slowly southwards for a full 2,202 miles (3,544 km) to its delta at the Gulf of Mexico. The world's longest rivers - The Nile or the Amazon - are both around 4,000 miles.