The largest number of Swedish expatriates lifting pension from Sweden live in Finland. Is it Finnish licorice that’s calling? Not quite. “The background is this; there was a marked labor immigration in the 1970’s and many of these people have now reached retirement age,” says Per Henriksson at Pensionsmyndigheten (The Swedish Retirement Agency) to Aftonbladet.
Though many might think Swedes retire to Thailand or Spain and sip umbrella drinks till dusk, that’s not what reality looks like. Statistics show not only those who worked in Sweden up to retirement age, but also those who only worked in Sweden during a period. “That means that they had a low pension from Sweden, since they were only here a few years in the 70’s,” says Henriksson. Because of the heavy labor immigration, Finland frequently places on top when Pensionsmyndigheten makes its annual compilation.
“Compared to last year, the numbers are about the same. Size wise these are the countries that come out on top year after year.”
The top ten countries to which Swedes move after retiring:
Finland (47,394)
Germany (13,209)
Norway (11,218)
Denmark (8,548)
USA (6,282)
Spain (6,111)
Greece (4,975)
France (3,298)
Great Britain (2,953)
Italy (2,749).