Just in case you're in Stockholm: 'Dreaming of America'
Swedish stand-up comedian Kristoffer Appelquist has a great fondness for America. So much so that he created a show about the U.S. along with Sweden, wondering whether the two countries could somehow be combined. On March 20, “Drömmen om Amerika, en komisk resa med Kristoffer Appelquist” (The dream of America, a comical journey with Kristoffer Appelquist) premieres in Stockholm. Appelquist loves the USA: the culture, the food, the people. On the website rawcomedy.se, we read that: “Kristoffer ADORES the great country in the west. The land of the free and the home of the brave. In his world, the national day is not June 6. Kristoffer celebrates Independence Day on July 4 with sparklers and root beer like a true patriot. But in reality he hasn’t been there. For Kristoffer, America is a dream. This is the show about that dream.” After Stockholm, Kristoffer and his show will visit 12 cities during the months of March and April. For more information and tickets: www.rawcomedy.se
Stand-up comedian Kristoffer Appelquist was born in Malmö in 1975. In 2012 he was chosen as “Årets manliga komiker” (best male comedian), with the motivation “Kristoffer Appelquist has great courage, intelligence, a humorous twinkle in his eye, and a totally unique style of stand up comedy that is winning.”