According to a Wikileaks document, Carl Bildt gave the US secret information about what was being debated in closed government deliberations in the 1970’s, information that was passed on to the CIA, according to daily Aftonbladet in Sweden.
The supposed meeting took place at Riksdagshuset in Stockholm shortly after the Swedish election in 1976, when representatives for the Center, Moderate, and Liberate People’s Parties were deliberating behind closed doors.
Aftonbladet reports that the U.S. ambassador wrote a secret report to the Foreign Minister Henry Kissinger about these deliberations, the same day as Thorbjörn Fälldin (then leader of the Center Party) refused to comment about the meeting to media. The ambassador refers to a meeting with the then 27-year old Bildt, who at the time was the assistant of the Moderate Party leader Gösta Bohman. Diplomatic reports, leaked by Wikileaks, describes how Carl Bildt against a promise of anonymity, explained what the three part coalition was to look like, and the parties’ views on nuclear power. When Aftonbladet confronted Carl Bildt about these allegations recently, he said that the information he passed on had been published in newspapers at the same time. But according to media sources in Sweden, nothing was ever written about the result of these negotiations.
The story has since been picked up by several other media and columnists in Sweden.