March 23 in Swedish History
1980: A non-binding referendum on nuclear power is being held in Sweden, and three proposals (tre linjer) are put forward to voters:

1. Nuclear power to be phased out over a period that would not impact too severely on employment and welfare.


2. Similar to proposal 1, but effort would also be made to reduce energy consumption whilst protecting low income groups, including phasing out electric heating and increased R&D of renewable energy led by the government.

3. The expansion of nuclear power would cease immediately and the six operational stations would be subject to stricter conditions and closed within ten years. Efforts would be made to reduce energy consumption and to increase renewable energy capacity.

The second option won a narrow plurality of the vote, receiving 39.1% of the ballots cast to 38.7% for option 3. Option 1 was the least popular, receiving only 18.9% of the votes.