Sweden's most popular blog
A sign of the times? The most visited blog in Sweden is a blog by a young woman named Kenza Zouiten. According to Bloggportalen, which measured the number of visits on Swedish blogs between January 1st and December 17 this year, Kenza had 55 million visits.
On second place came Alexandra “Kissie” Nilsson with a little over 41 million visits, and third spot went to Isabella “Blondinbella” Löwengrip, whose blog was visited by 23 million guests.
What do these young women blog about then? A quick visit to Kenza’s blog reveals she’s a half-Moroccan woman who lives in Stockholm and calls herself entrepreneur/model/designer. She writes about her daily life, photo sessions, fashion, outfits, TV-recordings, travels, shopping and “other things fun”. Check it out for yourselves here: http://kenzas.se/ Nordstjernan has previously written about bloggers Kissie: Meet Sweden’s no 1 blogger and Blondinbella: No crisis for Blondinbella