The Lucia celebration is something that Swedes themselves, and also the rest of the world consider as the most typical Swedish tradition. Read more about the tradition here, Swedish Lucia, the Queen of Light or get in the right mood by watching our 3-minute video clip from the Lucia celebration in Boston 2011:

Swedish television will broadcast from Uppsala Cathedral early in the morning on Dec. 13 and - unless your own daughter wakes you up as Lucia with coffee, saffron buns and gingerbread cookies - a majority of Swedes will tune into the celebration and music, which is broadcast live on TV.


Unless you subscribe to SVT World your best bet to catch the traditional Swedish morning performance on Swedish TV would be through the live broadcast of Gomorron Sverige ("Good Morning Sweden") at – 06:25 a.m. Swedish time, 12:25 midnight EST and 09:25 p.m. Pacific time.

This year's Lucia for the traditional Lucia celebration on Swedish TV is 14-year-old Astrid Cederlöf from Järlåsa, a small locality in Uppsala county in Sweden.

The Skansen Lucia 2012,|'Sveriges Lucia 2012'] who was crowned at Skansen open air museum on Dec. 1 is Amanda Carlshamre, a 23-year-old from Skara in Västergötland between the lakes Vättern and Vänern. Amanda was the candidate among the seven finalists to collect most funds for the children's fund "Världens Barn"