Safest place to live
The safest Swedish municipality to live in? Try Öckerö in the Göteborg archipelago. That’s the municipality that gets the best review when Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting (the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions) ranks the country’s municipalities on safety. Bottom on the list? Malung-Sälen. SKL has compared the number of violent crimes, personal injuries, fires and thefts per thousand inhabitants. This gives a broad picture of how safe a neighborhood is, says Håkan Sörman, managing director of SKL. Also, the municipalities have a great responsibility when it comes to keeping their areas safe and can be better at this by learning from one another. Ending up at the bottom of the list, he says, may be initiative to do better:
“We know that from experience. This will get lots of attention and the leaders in the municipalities are looking through a report like this carefully.” One reason for Öckerö topping the list is that it’s an island community, which means less crime. It has also taken preventative measures in risk management with a special unit which works with police and health care, and analyzes and supports not for profit activities. Concludes Sörman: “These reports are not the answer but a basis for analysis.”
The ten safest municipalities are:
1. Öckerö
2. Lomma
3. Hammarö
4. Bollebygd
5. Habo
6. Salem
7. Knivsta
8. Vallentuna
9. Vaxholm
10. Täby.
The five on the bottom of the list are:
282. Ljusnarsberg
283. Perstorp
284. Helsingborg
285. Sollefteå and
286. Malung-Sälen.

See the SKL report presented here Olyckor kostar 65 miljarder per år (In Swedish only)