November 23 In Swedish History
1910: the last execution takes place in Sweden when Alfred Ander (sentenced on August 17 for murder with robbery) is being executed by guillotine (the second time the guillotine is used in Sweden) on Långholmen in Stockholm. The execution is carried out by Albert Gustaf Dahlman, Sweden’s last executioner.

Långholmen Prison, officially Långholmen Central Prison, has been turned into hotel, restaurant and hostel. It was historically one of the biggest prison facilities in Sweden with more than 500 cells, located on the island of Långholmen in Stockholm. Långholmen (Long Island) is, as the name suggests, a long narrow lying between Kungsholmen and Södermalm. Drive over one of two bridges or take the subway to Hornstull subway station for a ten-minute walk to the island. Given its central location in the capital this is the prison where many a renowned Swede were imprisoned; Barbro Alving, well known journalist and writer spent a month for refusing to attend a mandatory civil defense service in 1955 and social democratic Prime Minister Hjalmar Branting (at least 30 years prior to taking office) for blasphemy and crimes against freedom of the press regulations.


Leif Rosqvist's latest Walkabout Tour of Stockholm, took him to Långholmen: oasis in Stockholm city center much like New York’s Central Park.

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