Sweden may get a new emergency number
First it was 90 000, then it was 112. Now Swedes may get yet another emergency telephone number: 113 13.

It’s not about changing numbers, in the suggestion that Post- och telestyrelsen (The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority) is now sending out, they want to add a phone number as a way to relieve the pressure at non-emergency events, according to SVT (Swedish Television). “In a couple of years we have experienced a huge pressure on the 112 number when something happens. 112 is supposed to be used only for emergency calls. We must find a solution for when you are in need for information,” says Ulf Strandberg at SOS Alarm to SVT. The new number is thought to be used when people want information about current events. For example, many worried people called 112 to get information about the heavy storm that hit Skåne last winter, and last year when the drinking water in Östersund was bad. “If the public could learn from this, it ought to be a good solution for society,” Strandberg says.