The mystery regarding a circle at the bottom of the Baltic Sea is deepening. Swedish divers have now found something that looks like a staircase leading up to the circle.

“It looks strange,” says one of them, Peter Lindberg. It was in June last year that Lindberg and his team of divers discovered the mysterious object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea - a round circle, 60 meters (196 feet) in diameter, and with clear marks of something being dragged nearby. The discovery became international news. Newspaper, radio and TV from all over the world have continued to follow Lindberg and his colleague Dennis Åsberg. Now, on a recent return visit to the object, they found walls with perfectly smooth surfaces, right angles, and cavity-like corridors inside the object as well as what looks like a staircase. A hole in the center of the circle has also been discovered. “It’s a black round hole right in the structure,” says Lindberg. “My main theory is that the circle is some kind of natural formation, though unique.” A new dive is being planned. “If this is not a natural formation, then it is something that was made thousands of years ago, before or during the Ice Age. But what it is I don’t know.” Money is needed to fund the diving project, which includes expeditions with around 12 people and which costs up to 60 000 SEK ($9,012) for every 24 hours. But Lindberg doesn’t think it’ll be impossible to find sponsors.